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Introduction and Disclaimer

My name is Bob Bunting.  I work for Oracle.  I would probably would not be identifying my company on this site, except that I do want to post content about Oracle here.   Oracle has requirements for Oracle employees blogging and posting content online when the content is related to the business.  Identifying yourself as an Oracle employee when talking about Oracle is one of them.

My Official Title at Oracle is Master Principal Enterprise Cloud Architect.  

My on-line content comes from me, and only me. I am not an official spokesperson for my employer, Oracle Corp, nor do I speak on behalf of Oracle. The sample approaches and sample code here is not certified or supported by myself or Oracle.   It is intended for educational or testing purposes only. 

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About this Site

While there of course will be room for discussion on even the most simple topic, each topic is starting as a simple technical example or a reference to something I find interesting and nothing more.

More about Bob at Work

I have worked for 22 years at Oracle.  The most enjoyable part of my job is helping customers solve problems.  I generally go from one problem to the next.  I have the opportunity provide input and learn about the results, I am not part of the implementation team.   My daily job is not all technical.   The content on this site will be from software capabilities related to solutions I think about when solving problems.  Rather that just leaving content that I have filed in my own “tech tips” folder on my laptop, I will post some here.

One take on what a blog contain is information that is not an official press release, not complete or not detailed enough for whitepaper.  In that sense, this site will be like a blog.   I read that you should have multiple posts a week on a blog.   So, this won’t be a blog then.   So, I called this “not a blog” notes.

One thing I have always liked about software is that it is binary.  It either does what it is supposed to or it does not.  For the most part, this will be the nature of the posts here.  I will point out something that works in a post.  I expect most of my posts will be “of course it works, that is the way it is supposed to work or is documented.”  If you are a software developer or DBA, you know the value of a cookbook.  That helps us get from knowing about a capability to seeing it for ourselves the first time.  Then, from there we learn more, internalize it, and begin to understand it more.  We build up from the basics figure out how it applies for our application.   While software projects are made up of building blocks that ultimately comes down to a simple binary capability, things get complex when we start combining capabilities to solve the problem.  Did we use the right capabilities for the problem?  Is the code clean and efficient?  Should we have just bought the solution as software as a service vs. build it?  Is the solution aligned with the business requirement?  Did we choose the right approach based on the available skills, time, and resources available?  How will it be supported?   When we consider all that is involved in Enterprise Software solutions, things can get quite complex.  

My goal here is the simple building blocks of solutions and just some technical information about software I find interesting or useful.