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This is the first post.  I just created the About Bob page or at least an initial draft.  Last week, I was building an example.  It was an example of a capability that I knew was done by others, but I had never tried it myself.  So, I started looking at documentation and various examples.    Then, I wanted to use another capability with the core example.  I first searched other sources.  Then, I realized, I had done a whole project that used that additional capability before.  I opened up my notes from a couple years prior and used my own example.  That is when it occurred to me, that maybe it was time to take a little extra time with examples I complete to organize them and store them somewhere.  Why not store them where they can be shared.  That was the beginning of the idea that maybe I should put up a blog.  After some thought and research, I realized what I wanted to do was not really a blog.    It was to be entries of the type that I file in my files as “tech notes.”  So, here we are with “Bob’s Notes”.   At its core, the intent is to be technical samples and notes.   Of course, it is powered by a blog engine so I can do the posts like a blog, use categories, and take comments.    No notes posted just yet while I think though the details of how I will use this site.


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