Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Clone

Cloning a database in Enterprise Manager is easier than you might think.  

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You need to have a target Oracle Home installed, OEM agent deployed and the target home and listener discovered.  I had created a test database in that home.  Separately and not part of this test, OEM has the capability to provision the software and home.  When cloning a database, the wizard will prompt for the target home.  The lesson learned here is if you have OEM installed and working with your database environments, you can easily clone databases.

Start by navigating to navigating to the database home page of the database you want to clone.  Then select from the menu.  Note some of the other options such as Clone to the Oracle Cloud and Clone for a Test Master.  This example is a simple example of a Full Clone.

Then complete the information in the wizard.  For my test, I selected to use the Optimal Flexible Architecture.   Since it was a test environment I am not using ASM otherwise I would be.  I also selected Use Fast Recovery area.   

The screenshot below shows were I selected the target Oracle Home.  It is shown with the Oracle Home selection dialog open in the bottom right.

Note that for one of the steps in the wizard, you have the option to select Data Masking.  If sensitive data was discovered and data masking were set up, it would make it easy to clone for a test environment with sensitive data masked.

After filling out the other information and OEM submits a job to run the deployment procedure.  A deployment procedure is a step by step process.  If something does go wrong, you can look at the errors, retry, or start over.

The files for the clone will be pulled from the agent where the source database is located.  

When done, the new database is registered with OEM.


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