Provision a Database with OEM

Here is an example of provisioning a Database on a Linux Host with Oracle Enterprise Manager. At this point, the following has already been done –

  • The agent is deployed on a new host.
  • Operating system users have been created.
  • sudo from user oracle has been setup
  • Operating system packages have been installed and database prerequisites have been met
    yum install oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall

In Oracle Cloud, we could have a boot disk with most of this already done.

In a separate environment, we have also done a database install a reference host and used Fleet Maintenance to create an image in the software library.

Here we will show each dialog filling in the information. In practice, we should create a deployment profile so there are fewer questions to answer and we are providing an option to deploy a standard configuration.

Go to Enterprise–>Provisioning and Patching–>Database Provisioning

Launch Provision Oracle Database

Here is where we could select a provisioning profile. If we did this, questions would be pre-filled based on the profile. This is what we would want to do so that each database was provisioned in a standard way and to make it faster to provision by reducing the data entry and decisions in these dialogs.
We return to this configure dialog for each section. This dialog is not shown each time it appears. Once setup hosts is done, then this dialog displays and we select Deploy software, etc.
Here are images that were created with Fleet Maintenance.

Monitor the steps of the deployment procedure. Once done, you have a the home deployed, a CDB created and a PDB included.

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